To understand more about what makes Keller Williams different from other real estate brokerages, you have to understand the KW beliefs behind the culture. The acronym MVVBP says it all for this company:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • and Perspective

This is what truly sets this company apart from all the others.

MVVBP: Setting the Standard

At Keller Williams Realty you will be taught to have an MVVBP: Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs, and Perspective – it’s the DNA of leadership. Here is a look at how an MVVBP works for real estate agents:

  • KW Mission is why we do what we do. It answers the question, “why does your business (or whatever you’re doing) exist?”
  • Vision is what the world, marketplace, or lives look like after you’ve accomplished your mission. It answers the question, “What will your life, the lives of those around you and your community look like once the mission has been accomplished?”
  • Values are the principles you operate under to accomplish your mission and vision. It answers the question, “What is important to you?”
  • Beliefs are what you believe to be true. It answers the question, “What rules will you follow?”
  • Finally, your Perspective is how you view yourself. It answers the question, “How do you view yourself or your business at this moment. Where is your business today?”

Keeping your own MVVBP helps you set, track and meet your goals, both in your business and in your life. Take a few minutes today and see if you are following your vision. Do you have an MVVBP? Can you describe it without thinking? If not, answer the questions above and build one. KW Realty encourages all of their agents to follow this belief system in order to find success in their careers as well as their lives.