MAPS stands for Mega Achievement Productivity Systems and is Keller Williams’ road map to success for their agents. The individuals who have gained the position of MAPS coaches are the leaders in the industry on lead generation and productivity and know how to teach other agents the skills to be at the top in the real estate industry.

How Real Estate Coaching Helps Agents Succeed

MAPS was specifically designed to help real estate agents with the Keller Williams company reach their highest potential. The coaches are in place to provide superior real estate training and support to those associates who utilize the MAPS program. MAPS coaching is composed of various elements that enable associates to gain skills while having their coaches at their disposal in order to understand every aspect of the real estate world. For example, each day coaches encourage the agents to participate in a “Power Hour,” where from the hours of 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. agents concentrate specifically on lead generation. The MAPS program offers both individual and group coaching and has several events available to participants. These events include Masterminds, Skills Camp and Mega Camp. Keller Williams Realty believes that with real estate coaching their agents can continue to grow and succeed and stay ahead of the competition. When you decide that a career in real estate is right for you, Keller Williams reality has the tools, training and real estate coaching available for you to succeed in the industry. They offer this training as a way for you to reach your full potential as an agent with their company.