Training to become a successful real estate agent involves attending an accredited real estate school, passing the state-issued real estate exam and continuing your education with Keller Williams training programs. One of the programs that Keller Williams offers their agents is the KW Ignite program. Being successful in real estate is determined by the training you have and how you apply it to real-life situations. By utilizing the programs offered at KW, you have a competitive edge in this industry.

Real Estate Training with KW Ignite

Ignite is a real estate training program offered by Keller Williams Realty that allows new agents, and old agents who want to learn new skills, a truly unique educational program. Here agents learn the basics of real estate telemarketing. Also, this program focuses on “The Daily 10/4.” The concept behind this program is that each agent calls at least 10 potentially interested people each day and shows at least two homes. By doing this they are guaranteeing themselves the opportunity to sell at least 16 houses a year.

The Ignite program allows agents to learn valuable skills and turn those skills into sold homes. By utilizing the teachings of the Ignite program, those agents who utilize Keller Williams training will have an advantage over other agents in the industry. Keller Williams wants their agents to be successful and draw clients to their agency. Superior real estate training makes these goals a reality, and the reason that Keller Williams Realty is one of the top companies in the real estate industry today.