Having a social media real estate strategy is necessary in today’s digital era. However, if you do not create an effective marketing method for your real estate business you will likely not succeed. There are certain methods available for you to use and make your own that have been proven to work by Keller Williams Realty agents. These tips will help you create a successful social media marketing campaign.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Social Media Real Estate Strategy

As a Keller Williams real estate agent, having a successful market strategy can be developed with the following do’s and don’ts:

Social Media DO’s:

  • Be yourself – your professional self, that is. If you can’t be who you are, perhaps you should reconsider whether being on social media is right for you.
  • Follow good etiquette: Give more than you take.
  • Be Present and Be Authentic.
  • Be the connector: Introduce people who should know each other.
  • Categorize your friends with lists
  • Keep your audience in mind. Use the custom privacy settings to post relevant content to relevant lists of friends
  • Give proper credit when re-posting information.
  • Put your company affiliation where people can see it. Even if you aren’t actively working it, people and other Realtors need to know you’re in real estate.

Social Media DON’TS

  • Be negative: Do YOU want to follow someone who is negative?
  • Blatantly advertise on your profile. Your Facebook profile is not the place to post your listings.  Posting listings and asking for business is a sure way to get unfriended or unfollowed!
  • Be 100% about business.  Have fun with it.  People want to connect with YOU.
  • Post anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with your clients and colleagues.
  • Make it all about you.  Be a giver and acknowledge other people.
  • Spam people with group emails, event invites that aren’t applicable, and requests for apps like Farmville.
  • Send friend requests without a personal message.
  • Trade dollar-productive activities for social media marketing until you are generating business from it. Social media is an add-on until you are producing.
  • Forget that this is a relationship-building medium.

Using these tips will help you find success with your social media campaigns.