Preparing for your licensing exam is an important step on the road to your real estate career. The first step in this process is to obtain a solid foundation of real estate knowledge through an accredited real estate school. Once your education is complete, you must find out the requirements of the state where you wish to obtain your real estate license. Although these requirements will vary from state to state, there are some general guidelines that will apply. These include:

  • Being of a certain age, usually 18
  • Completing required coursework
  • Paying required fees
  • Passing the state issued exam

How to Take Full Advantage of Your Real Estate License with Keller Williams

Once you study and pass the required exam, you have an open door to your real estate career. When you choose to join Keller Williams, you are joining a team of professional real estate agents who are dedicated to helping you reach success in this industry. Keller Williams is seeking knowledgeable, licensed agents who will be an asset to their team, each and every day.

Obtaining your real estate license has never been easier. There are many states that allow you to complete all of your coursework online with various real estate schools. This enables you to work at your own pace and, in many cases, get your real estate license even quicker. Also, the real estate school you choose will fully prepare you for the state-issued licensing exam you must take. Once you have fulfilled this requirement it is time to take full advantage of this achievement and join the Keller Williams Realty team.