Keller Williams Realty is the hot spot destination for anyone interested in becoming a real estate agent. This company is where all of the top agents are building their real estate careers around the country. The benefits of industry-leading training programs, agent-centric environment and generous commission splits are driving both long-term agents and newcomers to the field, straight to Keller Williams.

Real Estate Licensing with Keller Williams

When getting into real estate you must first obtain your real estate license. This allows you to have access to all the unparalleled benefits that Keller Williams has to offer. In order to obtain your license you must meet the requirements of your specific state. While each state is different, some universal requirements include: being of a certain age, usually 18, completing extensive coursework, passing the state issued real estate license exam and paying certain fees to obtain the license. Although Keller Williams does not offer financial assistance to those pursuing their license, the benefits you receive when you join their team are well-worth the out-of-pocket costs of obtaining your license.

Real estate licensing allows you to get stated in the real estate industry with a solid educational background of practical skills, from the school you choose to attend. Many states even allow you to complete your real estate licensing preparation courses online in order to get to your career quicker. Your real estate license is the key to a rewarding career with Keller Williams Realty. They want their agents to succeed and therefore offer all the training, technology and tools necessary for a successful and profitable career opportunity for each and every one of their agents.