Learn how new real estate agents are succeeding at Keller Williams.As a new real estate agent there is no question that the industry can be intimidating. However, there is help out there, especially if you join Keller Williams Realty. This real estate company provides support, guidance and help each step of the way.

Tips for Success for New Real Estate Agents

Tip #1 – Prepare with a Plan Freedom is one of the reasons many of you started a career in real estate.  Freedom can also be the biggest contributor to the end of a career for a new real estate agent.  Don’t go where the wind blows you each day.  Instead, begin your day with a plan – a set of goals – along with action steps for achieving those goals.  This can include everything from obtaining two new listings to developing an online lead-generating strategy.  The purpose of your daily plan is to provide a road map that leads to success while helping you avoid costly detours along the way. Tip #2 – Build Your Brand Make it a point to build your brand – a brand of one – with your marketing materials, your advertising, your niche market, and the way you go about your business on a daily basis.  Be a part of a team, but position yourself as the star of your team. Tip #3 – Grab the Online Bull by the Horns Unless you want to compete for the 10 percent who are searching for a home somewhere outside of cyberspace, you need to embrace the Internet and all it offers.  Start by establishing your home on the Web with a branded, professional website that Keller Williams provides all of their agents.  As a new agent, your real estate website will give you instant credibility while also delivering valuable information and collecting leads twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Tip #4 – Socialize and Network Relationships are key to your success, and while it is still absolutely necessary to network with prospects, customers and clients in a face-to-face environment, social networks are now a must-have tool for every agent.  Social media can help you grow your buyer and seller networks quickly and inexpensively when you are just starting your career.  Spend some time each day connecting with your social community, providing them with valuable content, and utilizing strategies to convert these individuals to viable leads. Tip #5 – Cater to Your Clients With the whirlwind of activity and chaos that comes with the newness of your career, it is often easy to forget that it is not all about you  Instead, it should be all about your clients.  Focus your energy on learning about each and every one of your clients.  Cater to your clients, show you care, and you will be rewarded greatly for the effort. Using these tips will help new real estate agents find success.