There is no doubt that you have heard the old adage (probably from you parents) that money does not grow on trees. However, with KW Realty, this theory may be thrown out with yesterday’s bath water. In fact, with the profit sharing opportunities offered through this unique company you may truly feel as though your profits are “growing” out of thin air. There is no doubt that the way you can grow your wealth will bring about a new way of thinking, and ultimately living.

How You, too, can Grow Your Wealth

When it comes to profit sharing with Keller Williams Realty you should have two main goals:

  1. To learn to enjoy the privilege of being treated as a stakeholder or investor in the company your work for.
  2. Make a plan to begin utilizing you passive income opportunity

The profit sharing opportunities work by splitting the entire market center’s profits between the owner of the branch, as well as those who have helped it grow. Therefore, you may wonder how this applies to you and your real estate career. It is a fairly simple process! All you have to do is encourage other productive real estate agents to join the KW Realty family. As you do this you will begin receiving a portion of every sale they achieve. There is no limit to the income you can create with this method.

This passive income is essentially money in your pocket that you receive with no acutal physical activity or work! Truly, what could be simpler? However, the profit sharing opportunities offered at KW Realty are not a one trick pony. Instead you can receive a passive income for up to seven levels. This means that as those you brought to the company bring in newbies, you will earn a portion of their profits as well. This can continue going until it reaches seven levels. Your KW success is truly within your grasp, what are you waiting for?