Keller Williams profit share opportunities are not the only reason to join this company. However, they have offered thousands of agents the chance to earn a passive stream of continuous income simply by bringing other talented individuals to the team. The amount you can earn with the profit share program is virtually limitless. In addition to the other offerings from this company, such as unparalleled technology and training, as well as a culture unlike any other real estate company, the profit sharing program definitely helps to set Keller Williams Realty apart from the crowd.

How Can You Build Your Wealth With Keller Williams Profit Share?

You may be surprised to learn that the process to build your wealth with Keller Williams profit share is uniquely easy. This program works as follows:

Every agent who joins the company is asked to name the agent who had the most impact on them deciding to join the company. That agent is the new agent’s sponsor.

At the end of every month, each office submits financial reports to Keller Williams International. The data is analyzed, determining which agents in the office contributed to the profit by closing sales that month and paying a split to the office.

They determine what % of the company dollar came from each agent, then the same % of the profit is split between the agent’s sponsor, and that agent’s sponsor…and so on through 7 levels of agent sponsors.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Join Keller Williams Realty today and take advantage of this generous profit sharing opportunity to build your wealth.