You have read the articles, analyzed the reports and witnessed proof in the numbers, that Keller Williams Realty is truly passionate about the success of its agents. But how exactly do they go that extra mile to show you just how much they value your business as an agent? The answer is through KW Profit Sharing.

What KW Profit Sharing is all About

Once you join KW Realty you know about the access you will have to technology, education and coaching that can help drive you to real estate success, but were you aware of the generous KW profit sharing opportunities that are available? If you are an associate who attracts other agents to the company, you will be rewarded for this.  After all, KW Realty stands committed to the belief that agents are partners and stakeholders in the success of our business. They reward you with a distinct profit sharing system that returns approximately 50 percent of every market center’s profits to agents who have helped to grow the company. Today, nearly 25,000 agents are actively participating in the profit share program, with some agents having earned over $1 million in profit share alone.

When you begin to grow your profit share tree with Keller Williams can have enormous benefits. You can build a lucrative retirement plan that you will be able to rely on years down the road. Or, you can make your mortgage payment simply with the passive income you have created with KW profit sharing. With the KW profit sharing program, the possibilities are endless. KW profit sharing is just one of the many benefits of being an agent at Keller Williams.