It is a fact that the concept of profit sharing is not one that was invented by Keller Williams Realty. However, the masterminds behind this company have innovated the methods, increased the opportunities and turned profit sharing into something more than it ever was. The old adage “Let it rain” will quickly become a reality when you opt into the profit sharing opportunities found at KW Realty.

Let it Rain and Rain and Rain

Keller Williams provides seven levels of profit sharing opportunity. How does it work, you may ask. It is a fairly simple process:

Step 1: Bring other talented agents to the Keller Williams family.

Step 2: Receive a portion of the profits they bring to the company.

Step 3: Receive a portion of the profits from every person they bring to the company as well, up to seven levels.

Do you need extra money for living expenses? Would you like to pay off your mortgage 10 years sooner? Do you want to give your child a paid-for car for graduation? All of these are things that agents of KW Realty have done by opting into the profit sharing program. Real estate success is not only dependent on the homes you have and the clients you serve anymore. With the unlimited profit sharing abilities that are available you can truly let it rain on you.

The best part about this is that even after you retire from the KW family, you can receive your portion of profit share from the agents that are still bringing profits to the company. It is unlimited and offers you a chance to make a continuous stream of passive income. So, let it rain and see what you can earn with KW Realty.