The profit sharing program is part of the proven KW business model that has been attracting and molding real estate agents for years. With the profit sharing program, agents are able to benefit from attracting other agents to the Keller Williams family. It is a straightforward program that only adds to the other great benefits the company has to offer.

Profit Sharing 101: Wealth Building Opportunities

As a potential agent with Keller Williams Realty, you may wonder exactly how the profit sharing program works. Profit sharing 101 will enable you to make an informed decision when you choose where to start your real estate career.

To begin profit sharing 101 you must name the agent who had the most impact on you deciding to join the Keller Williams company. That agent is considered your sponsor. At the end of each month, each office supplies a financial report of which agents closed sales and for what amount. Keller Williams then determines what percentage of the company’s dollar came from each agent, then the same percentage of the profit is split between the agent’s sponsor, and that agent’s sponsor. This goes on, up to seven levels of agent sponsors.

What is even more attractive about the profit sharing program is that agents can earn profit share from any Keller Williams office, anywhere. The agent does not have to work in your same office, town or state for you to be their sponsor and receive profit share benefits from their sales. This program is just one of the many wealth building opportunities that you will find when you join the Keller Williams family.