The real estate industry is one that promises agents a stable career with a dependable financial future. However, with Keller Williams you not only have the traditional income you work for, you also have a way to earn a passive income with their unprecedented profit-sharing program. This passive stream of consistent income has enabled agents to set up retirement accounts and pay mortgages and countless other things for the rest of their lives. What truly makes the KW profit sharing opportunities different from any other is that this income does not stop when you discontinue working for the company, and has enabled agents to have a source of continual income.

How Keller Williams Profit Sharing Opportunities Work for Agents

Keller Williams Realty rewards their agents for bringing in other productive agents. These agents can be in your same office, across town or in another state.  If an agent lists you as their sponsor, or the person most influential in the decision to work with Keller Williams, then that person is officially in your downline.

As the different real estate offices do business, they present the company’s financials with all the agents each month. In most real estate agencies, the entire profit would go straight to the owners of the company.  However, the owners of KW Realty believe in a profit sharing model and reward those agents who have sponsored productive peers that helped create the profit for the month.

Once the financial reports are in the profit is split in half between the owners and the agents. The agent’s half is split according to how much profit each particular agent contributed. This is the basic design of the profit sharing opportunities that are offered through Keller Williams Realty. In addition, this is how agents are able to build that passive income stream. Finding others to join Keller Williams is easy with the appealing coaching, training and wealth building opportunities that are offered.

What makes the program even more appealing is that after being with Keller Williams for at least three years, you are considered “vested” and can continue to receive your profit sharing even if you no longer work in real estate. It’s definitely possible to build a retirement income, pay off loans and have extra income for purchases, from the Keller Williams profit sharing opportunities.