No matter if you are just getting started in real estate or a veteran in the business, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is the step-by-step handbook for seeking excellence in your profession and in your life. This book is by far the most information-packed and practical guide to starting a real estate business that is available today. If you truly wish to build a successful real estate career, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is a must read. [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”0071444041″]

Putting The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Book To Work

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book.This book helps all agents, new and seasoned, stay focused on the bottom line. So many of the other books and articles claim to have the winning formula by telling you that you must knock on 50 doors per week and make 50 cold calls per week to generate business. Their theory is that it must be painful if you are to be successful. The clear difference the MREA book presents, however, gives you lists of ideas and says if you do “x” number of activities from this list, you can expect to receive “x” number of transactions per year. This approach allows you to pick which activities you perform. If you don’t like knocking on doors, then you can pick another activity that is more appealing. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent stresses the fact that it does not have to be painful for you to be successful.

How To Become A Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Learning how to become a Millionaire Real Estate Agent is one of the many skills you will gain through Keller Williams Realty. In fact, you will learn from the industry’s top professionals in how to grow and develop your real estate career. Seasoned agents with years of experience in the field are more than willing to lead, guide and help their fellow agents. It’s the Keller Williams culture. Agents helping agents. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book lays the foundation for agents to be successful in their real estate careers. It provides inspiration and motivation for those just entering the field, as well as seasoned veterans who are trying to grow their career to new heights.

Utilizing the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Plan

Inside the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book.The real estate industry has a fairly low barrier of entry in terms of formal education, but it is in no way, shape or form a get rich quick scheme. You need to know what you’re getting into and have the models to produce a solid foundation for success. Flying by the seat of your pants or relying solely on your broker to generate business for you isn’t going to allow this to happen. That’s where the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book comes in. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just follow the model. In this book, agents will have access to step-by-step fundamental principles on how to approach necessary models in the real estate industry, such as:

Lead Generation Model

The most important of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent’s models is lead generation. If you aren’t meeting new people, your business will suffer. Keep feeding your database and results are guaranteed to come.

Budget Model

The budget model is one of the main reasons KW agents thrive in all market conditions. They master the market of the moment. By focusing on leading with revenue, not expenses, agents can be successful in any economy.

Economic Model

Contacts lead to agreements. Agreements lead to contracts. Contracts lead to closings. It’s a numbers game and aligning yourself with the models of the MREA book will allow you the best opportunities to stand out in your market.

Organizational Model

Leverage is the key to building a solid career in any industry. In your real estate business, organization is essential to grow effectively. Keller Williams Realty utilizes the best business practices to help agents grow systematically from level to level to reach their goals.

Mega Agent Expansion – The Next Phase

Keller Williams Mega Agent ExpansionGary Keller predicted mega agent expansion as the next phase of the millionaire real estate agent. The reason is real simple. Like other businesses, real estate agents have the same unlimited income potential when it comes to reaching new customers in new markets. Many agents have already realized this and that’s why they’ve expanded their reach into new markets. Some of them are building massive empires. The 6 Personal PerspectivesIn “The Six Personal Perspectives,” successful Mega Agents move beyond an entrepreneurial mindset into a purposeful behavior mindset. It’s not just about building a business any more. It’s about taking your already successful business and transforming it into something that is life changing for others. You can design a meaningful purpose behind your motivations–and you should. The Mega Agent builds an Expansion Team, with models and systems that function at a high level within a team. To succeed with your Expansion Team, you’ll need to follow these three keys to real estate success:
  • Follow the Model – The Millionaire Real Estate Agent course paved the way for real estate agents to earn a million dollars. The Expansion Model is a proven system that builds upon that success. Follow the model and you’ll hit the target.
  • Leverage the Distribution Network – The most successful real estate empires are lean and efficient. You’ll be efficient if you leverage what everyone else is doing.
  • Grow as a Business Leader – The only sure way to succeed as a real estate agent is to grow as a business leader. Don’t be content to grow just as a business person, but seek growth as an individual too. Personal growth coupled with business growth will make you a successful agent and well on your way to multi-millionaire status.
Top-producing agents swear by the models outlined in the “Red Book” as it is commonly referred to within Keller Williams. It is not just the way you think that produces results, but the actions you make and models you follow as well. Reading this book from cover to cover, underlining and highlighting is highly suggested for any agent who truly wishes to be a Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Join KW and start your journey to becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Agent today!   Return to Book Store