The trend of business professionals using social networking sites to grow their businesses is far reaching, which includes the real estate industry. There are several sites that agents can uses on a regular basis to network with their clients and other business associates. Some of the most common sites include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Trulia Voices
  • LinkedIn

Each site is unique in what it offers and how an agent should approach the topic of selling real estate. For example, LinkedIn is much more tolerant of strictly sales-oriented posts while others such as Facebook and Twitter are good sites to engage potential clients.

How to Utilize the Benefits of Social Networking

The benefits of social networking can be extremely positive if utilized the right way. For example, an aggressive sales approach may scare off potential clients on certain sites while attracting them on another. Any real estate agent who decides to take advantage of these sites should learn about the culture of the site. This enables them to get the most out of each post, discussion or listing they have.

Other benefits of social networking for real estate agents include:

  • reaching out of town individuals who are moving to the area
  • developing personal relationships that later can grow to business ones
  • engaging other agents and learning tips, tricks and techniques that work for them

The list goes on and on. The potential of social networking sites helping you to grow as a Keller Williams real estate agent is huge if the sites are utilized correctly. Use LinkedIn to highlight your job skills and achievements while Facebook can be used to network with potential clients. Each offers individual advantages and the benefits of utilizing these social networking sites will be seen in your client list as well as your profits. In addition to the other Keller Williams technology that is offered by the company, the social networking platforms help pave your road map to success in the real estate industry.