Strategy to generate online real estate leads.Real estate agents all over the country are using the Internet to harvest leads for their businesses. Just like planting seeds in the spring and reaping the harvest at the end of summer, successful real estate agents are dropping content seeds that later sprout into full-fledged clients. You can do it too.

Build Your KW Real Estate Website

The first step to successful online lead generation is to have a website. This is where you will capture your leads. Here’s what you do:
  1. Build one page a day with geographically-based website content for your real estate niche. For instance, target specific neighborhoods, cities, zip codes, etc. with specific content for commercial real estate, industrial real estate, or residential real estate, based on your specialty.
  2. Make your website content evergreen. That is, content that will always be valuable.
  3. Monitor the activity and track results.
  4. Entice visitors to register for deep information and/or sign up for a newsletter.
Don’t think results will be instant. It takes time to do this right.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Let’s forget about paid advertising for a second. Online, you can use free methods such as guest blogging, article marketing, and off-site content marketing to drive traffic back to your website. Publish content articles such as “Top 10 Best Neighborhoods To Live In New York City”, “What To Do During Your First Week In Austin, Texas”, or “The 5 Best Elementary Schools In Miami, Florida”. Spread these articles around the Web on websites where your target market will be found.

Use SEO To Water Your Seeds And Watch Them Grow

Online, you have the benefit of using the search engines to find the right target market for your real estate business. The way you do that is to leverage your content by pulling your prospects in close to you. If you do this right, you don’t have to go to them. They’ll come right to your door!
  • Do some keyword research to find out the right words to use
  • Write your content, peppering it lightly with the right keywords
  • Seek places to publish your content and submit it
  • Track your progress, verify results
  • Keep updating your website with fresh, original content
  • Publish press releases off-site, FAQ on-site, and beef up the value for your website visitors
Prospecting online is still hard work. But you can leverage the Internet to draw your prospects to you rather than you beating the pavement to find them.