Without lead generation, a real estate career will quickly fizzle out. This is a critical part of your real estate marketing efforts. In the past, you could depend solely on tools such as direct marketing mailers to generate leads. However, with society’s dependency on social networking, this is the new tool for agents to access an unlimited source of leads for your real estate career. Social media lead generation can be extremely successful, or not at all, depending on how you approach it and how much effort you put into it.

Embrace the Technology with Social Media Lead Generation

The worst possible thing any agent could do is jump onto every new, shiny social media platform that comes online. Instead, you need to think about what you are trying to accomplish, who your ideal customer is and where he or she will likely spend time online. Facebook has proven to be very effective lead generating social media for real estate agents, with Twitter a distant second. Blogging has also proven to be effective in generating leads. Pinterest has potential in that you could build boards of house or interior design ideas people could follow. YouTube might be helpful, too. And many real estate agents have used LinkedIn effectively as well.

Choosing your platform should be based on your local area. Visit local businesses and ask questions, make phone calls and get to know your customer base. Social media lead generation will not happen all by itself. While some clients may be generated through searches on your site, this will not be a steady source. You must utilize the knowledge and education that KW Realty provides to make the most of the social media lead generation capabilities.