The world of social media has given Keller Williams Realty agents new ways to initiate conversations, grab people’s attention, and maintain an active dialogue with customers. If you are looking for ways to get started in social media and see what’s out there, you can utilize the tips and strategies offered by agents who have already infiltrated this innovative form of communication.

Using Social Media to Grow Your Real Estate Career

When you begin using social media in your marketing strategy to grow your KW career, you need to avoid common mistakes that can completely derail the entire process. Some of these detrimental factors include:

  • Using social media with a method known as the hard sale. Instead, you need to offer your customers and clients an incentive or advantage for utilizing your site.
  • Not offering any other content rather than sales pitches. People who use your social media site will lose interest if you provide only sales pitches.
  • If you do not interact with the people who comment on your page or blog. Responding to comments is a great way to build a trusting relationship with potential clients.

There are millions of people who log onto social media sites each day and having valuable information about real estate will draw them to your pages. Using social media is a smart way to utilize the technology of today to your advantage. Additionally, with continued developments in KW technology you can combine your usage of social media to truly find your niche in the real estate industry.