Wealth Backers oversee the growth of a Keller Williams associate’s profit share tree by supporting proven systems to attract and retain new agents in the KW ecosystem. In partnership with Brent Mitchell and Aaron Kaufman, two powerful voices within the Keller Williams profit sharing system, your path to changing lives through profit share is guaranteed! Your Wealth Backer will follow constantly evolving systems that will allow you to duplicate Brent’s success in sponsoring over 1800+ associates to Keller Williams and being one of just 116 associates with a lifetime profit share of $1M+. Along with these proven systems, get the scripts and motivation through one of the most electrifying coaches in the real estate industry, Aaron Kaufman. Learn how to communicate the KW value proposition and provide insight to help your recruits choose the right real estate model for their business.

The “Systems” Guy

Brent Mitchell has taken Gary Keller’s Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) business model and applied it to attracting talent to Keller Williams. Over 11 years, Brent has sponsored over 1,800 new agents to Keller Williams, the most in the history of the company! Learn how he has modified his recruiting systems through changing real estate markets and paid it forward in identifying agents in his profit share tree who have the desire to change lives by sponsoring agents to Keller Williams. Skip the trial and error of figuring out how to attract agents to KW and take your recruiting to the next level. Brent has increased his sponsorship conversion rates from below 25% to an unfathomable 47% in 2021! You can do the same.

The Motivator

If you haven’t heard Aaron Kaufman speak on profit share, you are missing out. Get exclusive access to one of the most sought after coaches within Keller Williams to empower you on your journey to passive income for generations to come. Aaron has been coaching agents on profit share for over a decade and is guaranteed to light a fire that will unleash your inner potential. Let his passion for changing lives motivate you and your recruits to build a true life by design. Aaron leads the Profit Share Mastermind Group on Facebook, providing inspiration to over 42,000 KW associates and teaches nationwide to packed market centers to help agents attract the leaders of tomorrow.

What’s Included?

  • Recruit Smart Plans
  • Leadership Smart Plans
  • Chatbot Integration
  • Automated Scheduling Systems
  • Career Consultation Outline
  • How To Secure Sponsorship
  • KSCORE Best Practices (Ongoing)
  • Bulk Advertising Buy-In (Reduce your cost-per-lead)
  • Monthly coaching session with Aaron Kaufman
  • Identify and support agents in your profit share tree to duplicate this model
The role of your Wealth Backer is to support your recruiting efforts so you can focus on what you do best, sell real estate. Leveraging your Wealth Backer to handle everything but the recruit consultation will finally allow you to grow your profit share tree and empower others to do the same. Get signed up today and take your recruiting to the next level!