Becoming A Real Estate Agent | Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming A Real Estate Agent | Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions for people interested in becoming a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty.
It’s not working ‘for’ Keller Williams, it’s working ‘with’ Keller Williams. You become partners in success with KW. Top reasons are training/systems, support, proprietary technology, and family-like culture.  Ignite, KW Connect, MAPS Coaching and many other educational outlets, you have a proven business model to follow. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This, along with an amazing company culture, cutting-edge technology and profit sharing, makes Keller Williams stand out from other real estate companies.

Predicting how much money you will make in real estate is difficult. Your earnings can be affected by sales ability, people skills, hard work, and market conditions. Also take into consideration the cost and time necessary to establish a business that meets your individual expectations. Therefore, you should have sufficient capital to support yourself if your needs are not met as soon as you would like.

A career in real estate does require a financial commitment. Licensing course fees, Board of Realtors membership dues, continuing education and other business expenses (phone, computer, office supplies, personal marketing, etc.) are just a few of the expenses you need to consider when getting started. On average, the start up costs associated with this range from $1000 to $1500. For the Keller Williams agent fees, they vary from office to office. Expect to see monthly agent fees between $50-$85.

Training is where we set ourselves apart from the competition. Ignite is our new agent training designed to build the foundation of your real estate business. It covers everything from contracts to lead generation to successfully managing your new business. The training is taught by the top agents in your office, so you know you’re getting up-to-date information. Also, with the resources on Keller Williams University (KWU) and KW Connect, there will be no shortage of educational opportunities.
Keller Williams training is the best in the real estate industry and continues to evolve to assure our agents are mastering the current real estate market. Once you get your real estate license, you will have access to extensive agent training programs and help from leadership coaches to help grow your real estate business.

Unfortunately, we do not provide financial assistance, but we do provide the best training, education, support and culture in the real estate industry. Be cautious of companies that offer this option. This is usually the extent of their support in your real estate career.

When choosing a real estate school, the school must be accredited by your state. The best online real estate school has the format you like best and prepares you to pass your state exam. Online schools are a great alternative to taking classroom courses. Be sure to check out your state’s licensing page to find the real estate school that is right for you. Remember, the real training comes when you start working for Keller Williams Realty!
As a Keller Williams agent, you will work off an anniversary year with a “cap” or a maximum amount of money the broker can take out of your commissions during a given year (The cap is directly related to the operating expenses of your local office). You start on a 70/30 split. 70% to you, 30% to the office. When the 30% to the office reaches a set amount, you receive 100% on all transactions until your anniversary year starts over again. You are not required to pay the difference if you don’t reach your cap.

As an independent contractor, you are free to run your business on your own terms. You are not required to work 75+ hours a week. The model we provide will teach you time management and how to successfully run your new business. Our real estate business model is designed to work with a normal business week (35-40 hrs). Follow the model and your career will flourish and your personal time will increase.

There is a saying at Keller Williams. “We don’t give you the fish, we teach you how to catch your own.” Lead generation is the key to being successful in the real estate industry, so it’s important to learn how to do it. We provide you with many different lead generation methods including Internet lead conversions, contacting Expired/Withdrawn listings, For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s), Open Houses, Door Knocking, etc. Using these tools will ensure you are making enough contacts to be as successful as you want to be.

No. The team leaders/managers of the offices are not out there competing for business against you. We see this as a conflict of interest. The main goal of our support staff is to help build your real estate business, acting as a mentor to take your career from new associate to mega agent. No brokerage does it better than KW!

Although it’s not impossible, a part time real estate agent is not likely to be as successful as a full time agent. Part time agents usually are unable to attend required training courses, sales meetings, and are not readily available to service their clients and customers. At Keller Williams we feel that our company gives you 100% of the tools, training, technology and managerial support needed to be a successful real estate agent. As a result, we expect a full time 100% commitment from you, the sales professional.

While the courses to obtain your real estate license provide you with basic knowledge of contracts, agency, ethics and principles, they do not cover the most important information a new agent needs. Lead generation, marketing, and running your real estate business are key components to a solid career in real estate. At Keller Williams, we understand what it takes to become a successful real estate agent, and provide a proven model to take your business to the highest level.

Don’t take this personally. We at are active real estate agents ourselves and are unable to speak to everyone who is considering a career in real estate unless they have committed to starting the licensing process. Our FAQ answer most questions people have, but if we missed one, please reply to our email and we’ll happily get back to you with an answer.

A full explanation of your health insurance options are available here.

The Keller Williams base salary is 100% commission, so there is unlimited earning potential. That being said, it does take time to generate a sale, so you should enter the real estate industry prepared for a ‘ramp-up’ time. This depends on many factors, so working for a real estate company that provides the best business model to help get you into production as quickly as possible is essential.

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