As independent contractors, Realtors normally have a difficult time obtaining real estate health insurance.  Self employed plans are usually more expensive and just don’t have the benefits that a group plan provides.  Keller Williams recognized that associates needed an alternative to find affordable heath care, so they did something about it!

Keller Williams Real Estate Agent Health Insurance

Partnering with MyFranchise Association and H & H Employee Benefits, the KW Health Plan includes options for major medical, limited medical, catastrophic coverage and a separate cancer plan. With these plans in place, the next step is a total wellness program for all associates. “We have always been very aware that as independent contractors, our associates face barriers to obtaining real estate agent health insurance,” said Mary Tennant, president and COO of Keller Williams Realty. “We know that for many, this new option may alleviate some of the stress that they face in today’s economy. After all, our associates are not just our partners – they are our family.” The benefits of becoming a Keller Williams agent go on and on; real estate agent health insurance is just one of them. Take advantage of all KW has to offer your real estate career and your well being by contacting us today!