Are you learning based when it comes to your real estate career?To be a successful real estate agent, you’ve got to focus on education. The more you train and put into practice the skills that you learn during training, then the more likely you are to succeed in your career. So here’s the question of the day: Are you learning based?

Keller Williams Realty Training Programs Keep Your Skills Well-Honed

Keller Williams University is the hub of the learning-based culture at Keller Williams Realty. That’s what the Keller Williams business model is made up of a well-trained force of real estate agents who are motivated to learn everything they can to achieve a successful career. And Keller Williams has proven that this business model works in all stages of the economy. Ignite is a program that teaches basic customer service skills to real estate agents. All new agents learn the steps to running a successful real estate business. It’s the foundation of your business that teaches you the habits of how successful agents run their business every day. KW Connect is a powerful training program that delivers great tools 24 hours a day. If you can’t make it into the office, you can always find a wealth of training materials at your fingertips. An endless supply of training to help you maximize your real estate business. Mega Achievement Productivity Systems (MAPS Coaching) will help you reach your highest achievement levels through mind-mapping and real estate coaching. This training program complements your business and helps you break through to the next level. 281% more homes are sold by agents that participate in MAPS coaching than those that don’t participate. Finally, Keller Williams Realty hosts the best attended real estate event in history. It is called the Family Reunion. It is the Keller Williams annual gathering of agents and brokers where more than 15,000 real estate professionals gather for inspiration, socialization, and top-notch learning opportunities. It takes place every February and is a must-attend event if you wish to grow your real estate business. As you can see, education and real estate training never stop at Keller Williams. We are here to help you grow the real estate business you want by providing all the tools necessary to help you do so. Join us today and take advantage of this amazing training!