Follow the Keler Williams real estate agent business plan.Having a real estate agent business plan is crucial to your success in this industry. With changes in the economy, you have to match the market of the moment. If you just get your real estate license and dive in with passion and energy, you might see some success in the short-term. In the long run, having a proven business model to follow is essential.

Proven Real Estate Business Model

Having success in the real estate industry takes time, effort and money. Keller Williams has mapped out a proven real estate agent business plan that works in all markets. By focusing on helping agents grow their own businesses, rather than only looking out for the owner’s best interest, KW has been able to see phenomenal growth through all economies. Take the recession that hit our country from 2007-2012. Over a million agents left the business because they couldn’t adjust their businesses to the current market. Keller Williams was the only real estate company that grew in agent count during the entire recession.

It’s All In The Numbers – Real Estate Triple Crown

Build a successful career in real estate with Keller Williams Realty.When you follow the best real estate business model in the industry, you start to see some great results. Keller Williams is not only the largest real estate brokerage in the world. We are also ranked as the US leader in agent count, closed units and closed sales volume. It’s the Triple Crown for the real estate industry. No other company has ever achieved this! This can be attributed to adding more agents that plug-in what we offer. New and experienced agents have transformed their business with the introduction of the Career Growth Initiative. This valuable tool provides agents an unprecedented view into their businesses so they know exactly what needs to be done to see the results they desire.

Tops In Real Estate Agent Training

In addition to the real estate agent business plan that teaches our agents how to build a career the right way, Keller Williams leads the way in the industry when it comes to training as well. From Ignite, our new agent training program, to FSO (Franchise Systems Operations). This is not just for our agents, but our owners and staff as well. The entire Keller Williams organization runs like a well oiled machine. Now that you’ve seen how following the right real estate business plan is helping Keller Williams agents around the globe, take the leap and sign up with Keller Williams Realty today!