Finding the right real estate sales systems that work in all stages of the market is crucial to your success as a real estate agent. This business is about relationships and staying in touch is the name of the game. Good think Keller Williams has a proven follow up program called 33 Touch. So what is 33 touch? It’s a proven follow up system where KW associates contact everyone in their database at least 33 times in a given year. By incorporating this plan with your existing real estate sales systems, you are setting yourself apart from the competition, plus making sure that when your contacts think about real estate, they think about you!

33 Touch | The Keller Williams Follow Up System

Don’t think that contacting people 33 times in one year is too much; with many different methods of contact, you are sure to have plenty of great things to share with your potential clients. Emails, phone calls, letters, face-to-face drop-by’s are great examples of what the 33 touch program from Keller Williams is all about. For example, a husband and wife stop by two open houses in a neighborhood they are dreaming of buying in one day. In one house is an agent who works for a company that doesn’t provide any formal training or real estate sales systems. The agent takes down the couple’s info and since they said they aren’t ready to buy for at least a year, he figures he can take his time before contacting them again. He puts their info on his desk and eventually, it gets lost in the shuffle. The other open house the couple goes into has a Keller Williams agent inside. She also gets the potential client’s information and immediately plugs in their information into her database via eEdge and sets them up on a 33 touch program. Now, automatically, she gets notified of when she needs to follow up and what she info she needs to provide. She stays in touch consistently and always has something of value to provide these potential clients when she contacts them. This program even provide the scripts and dialogues of what questions she can ask, as well as how to handle the objections, so she will always be on top of her game. So which agent will the couple decide to work with – the agent that doesn’t ever follow up with them or the agent that is constantly in contact with great information about the neighborhood and has built a solid relationship? The answer is obvious and goes to show that a little extra effort goes a long way in the real estate industry. The most important thing to understand is it doesn’t take a huge amount of time for an agent to stay in touch since they will be using the proven real estate sales systems from the Keller Williams 33 touch program. Check out how the 33 touch program works and see how it can change your real estate business forever. Join Keller Williams today and take control of your real estate career!