See how following the right systems and models can make you a Millionaire real estate agent.Most people would tell you a 26-year-old doesn’t have enough life experience to devise a lead generation plan that will make him a millionaire within 5 years. But Tim Heyl is no ordinary 26-year-old.

Tim Heyl’s First Year In Real Estate

Tim Heyl had to borrow the fee to enroll in BOLD from his sister. That’s a nice sister. Five years later, however, he has 13 members on his team, does $1.4 million in GCI, and had a total volume of $53 million! He started his real estate business fresh out of college. He enrolled in the KW MAPS Coaching BOLD program and learned about lead generation.
“I remember making fewer than five calls the first hour we were given to call expireds,” he says. “I was intimidated. I’d never cold-called anyone before so I was loaded with limiting beliefs.”
By the end of the course, he was spending two hours a day on lead generation activities. He decided he was not going to work evenings or weekends. So he spent his weekday mornings making cold calls. During his first year, he used the phone to call on several sources, including expireds, and focused on three things:
  • Number of new contacts
  • Nurtures generated
  • Listing appointments set
He says 30 contacts usually got him five nurtures and one appointment. At the end of the year he had only sold 20 houses, but …
What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was building a pipeline that would explode a couple of years later.

Lead Generation Years Two Through Four

When chaos struck, Heyl had no idea how to deal with it. His team quit on him midway through the third year.
Generating mass amounts of leads forced me to learn the qualities of true leadership at a much earlier age than I would’ve otherwise.
That’s when Heyl decided to start spending a lot of money on developing leadership skills. He started attracting new members of his team and built it up from scratch, focusing on leveraging the team using his leadership skills. This allowed him to free up his time for teaching instead of lead generation. He hired an inside sales agent (ISA) to generate leads for his sales team. He went on to build a team of ISAs and pays them a percentage of sales over and above their base pay.

The Fifth Year of Lead Generation Leadership

Tim Heyl keeps his eye on the future. The key to his success is leadership, teaching effective lead generation skills, and developing an ISA team that is motivated and productive.
Our lead-generation room is separate to avoid distractions. We have standing desks, headsets, dual screens, a scoreboard that is updated daily, lively music being played and healthy snacks available to keep energy up. Our business is built in that room.
Stay tuned for an update on Tim Heyl’s sixth year in real estate. He and his team are sure to turn it up a notch and set more records. To learn how you too can build a successful real estate business with Keller Williams, contact us today to set up your confidential interview.