How to become a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty. Are you a real estate agent looking for a brokerage that focuses on your success, not just their own? A company that cares about your work-life balance? Or are you looking for a career change and considering real estate? If so, then we have some great news. You can work for Keller Williams to reach all of your goals. Business goals, as well as happiness in your personal life.

Getting Your Real Estate License – Work For Keller Williams

First of all, you will not work for Keller Williams, you will work with Keller Williams. KW is in business to help real estate agents build their own real estate career. We are not in the real estate business, rather, the real estate career business. Learn how to become a real estate agent.The first step in becoming a real estate agent with Keller Williams is to get your real estate license. Either in a classroom setting or via the most popular format, online real estate courses. Some states don’t offer the online classes, so the classroom format will be your only option. Once you complete the required coursework, you’ll need to pass the state licensing exam. This test is notorious for being tricky, so preparing with an exam prep course is highly recommended. After passing your state real estate exam, you are ready to start interviewing real estate brokers. Keller Williams isn’t a fit for every agent, so finding the right business model that suits your needs is essential.

What Is The Best Real Estate Company To Work For?

Keller Williams is the best real estate company to work for. Real estate companies fall into three categories. Independent, Dependent and Interdependent. The questions to help you find the right brokerage revolve around which real estate business model is best for you and if you want to be in control of your business. Is the company more concerned about their own success or yours? Do they offer up-to-date training? What does their support look like? Is there coaching? For a complete list, check out these questions to ask a real estate broker.

Independent Real Estate Companies

“Good luck, I hope you make it.” These types real estate brokerages usually offer the best commission splits. 100% with either a monthly fee or a transaction fee. Training doesn’t exist and you won’t likely get any support in your business. Simply stated, you’re on your own. Best suited for the agent that knows what they are doing. A real estate agent that doesn’t mind doing their own training, support and technology platform.

Dependent Real Estate Companies

Dependent real estate brokerages are the most common type of real estate business model, phrased as the “traditional” real estate company. The broker is the brand of recognition and the agents that work for them are seen more as employees vs running their own business. You see their ads on TV, Internet, radio, etc. The agents work on 50-50 commission split and have the ability to work up to a better split based on their production. A great option for agents looking for a job versus having a career.

Interdependent Real Estate Companies – Keller Williams Realty Careers

Keller Williams interdependent real estate business model. Keller Williams real estate agents participate in the interdependent real estate business model. Our agent-centric approach is one of agents helping agents. We see our company as agent-driven, not company-driven. The best way to describe this type of business model is by saying that Keller Williams isn’t in the real estate business. We are in the real estate career business. Our only job as a company is to support, nurture and empower you to build the business you want. You don’t work for Keller Williams. You work with Keller Williams. This is accomplished through the best real estate agent training, support, technology and culture in the industry. Our main product is you, the Keller Williams agent, not the property being sold. If we train you to be the best agent you can be in regards to training, professionalism and work-life balance, you are more likely to continue your career at KW for years to come.

Keller Williams Realty Careers – Built For Agents By Agents

Bottom line, there are a lot of real estate companies that want to work with you. The main focus of your brokerage search should be based on your needs and wants, not the brokers. This is your business and you are free to run it as you see fit. All KW wants to do is help you manage it most profitably and efficiently so you can build a career worth having, have a business worth owning and create a live worth living. Contact us today to learn about how to become a Keller Williams agent.